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HPA No Cure No Pay

At Student Housing Hunter, we offer a No Cure No Pay policy for HPA services provided to our clients. The following terms and conditions apply

Scope of the No Cure No Pay Policy

1.1 This No Cure No Pay policy applies specifically to the Housing Placement Assistance (HPA).

1.2 The policy is only applicable if explicitly agreed upon in writing between Student Housing Hunter and the client.

Payment Structure

2.1 Under the No Cure No Pay policy, the client will receive the paid commission or fee back if the desired outcome is not achieved, such as no suitable housing has been found that could match the requirements filled in the Housing Placement Assistance booking, as provided by the client.

2.2 The commission or fee structure will be agreed upon in writing between Student Housing Hunter and the client before initiating the services.

2.3 If the desired outcome is not achieved, no commission or fee will be charged to the client, and paid funds returned which befall under this policy.

Refund Eligibility Clarification Under the No Cure No Pay policy

2.4 A refund is applicable only when no housing offer aligning with the clients originally specified requirements, as outlined in the form, is presented within the agreed-upon timeframe. If such an offer is extended within the specified timeframe and meets the client's requirements, but the client chooses not to accept it, Student Housing Hunter reserves the right to invoice the full fee for the provided Housing Placement Assistance.

Housing Placement Assistance (HPA), Budget Requirements and Desired Move-In Dates

3.1 For clients booking the Housing Placement Assistance (HPA) service, it's essential to adhere to our recommended minimum budget requirements. We advise a minimum budget of 850 EUR per month for shared rooms, 1500 EUR per month for studio's, and apartments starting from 1900 EUR per month, all excluding additional expenses. These recommendations are not merely suggestions but are established to optimize the likelihood of securing suitable accommodation, particularly in the competitive Dutch housing market.

3.2 In cases where clients book the HPA service with budgets below the advised minimums, we are committed to making every effort to assist in finding suitable housing. However, if we cannot secure accommodation meeting the specified budget, we may apply an administrative fee of 75 EUR. This fee helps cover transaction costs associated with handling prepayments and other administrative expenses.

3.3 We encourage clients to consider their budgetary constraints when booking the HPA service. By aligning with our recommended minimum budgets, clients can increase their chances of successfully finding suitable housing.

3.4 The "desired move-in date" offers flexibility, allowing for a variance of up to 7 days earlier or later, without compromising your requirements. This expanded window enhances our ability to match you with a wider range of housing options, increasing your chances of finding the ideal accommodation.

Booking Confirmation and Timely Acceptance of Accommodation Offer

4.1 Once an accommodation offer is made by SHH, the client is required to initiate the booking process within 72 hours of receiving the offer. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the entire Housing Placement Assistance service. Please note that the down payment made for the service will not be refunded, as SHH has already conducted the necessary work and provided housing options that meet the client’s mentioned requirements in their Housing Placement Assistance booking.

4.2 The client should carefully review the accommodation offer and make a timely decision regarding its acceptance. This includes contacting SHH to confirm their intention to proceed with the booking and providing any necessary information or documentation requested by SHH.

4.3 If the client does not agree with the offered accommodation, they are required to book a new Housing Placement Assistance and update their requirements accordingly. It is important to note that if the client does not fill in any specific requirements in the booking form, it implies that they are willing to accept any offer made within their budget and chosen area as indicated in the form.

4.4 SHH reserves the right to withdraw the accommodation offer if the client does not initiate the booking process within the specified timeframe. In such cases, the client will be notified of the cancellation, and any payments made for the Housing Placement Assistance service, excluding the non-refundable down payment, will be refunded as per the Cancellation Policy.

4.5 It is important for the client to understand that SHH operates in a fast-paced rental market, and timely acceptance of accommodation offers is crucial to secure the desired housing. Delays in the booking process may result in the loss of the offered accommodation and limit the availability of alternative options.

4.6 Should the client require any additional information or have concerns about the booking process, they are encouraged to contact SHH promptly for assistance. By proceeding with the Housing Placement Assistance service, the client acknowledges and agrees to comply with the timely acceptance requirements outlined in this article.


5.1 Either party has the right to terminate the agreement in accordance with the agreed-upon termination provisions.

Additional Terms

6.1 The No Cure No Pay policy is subject to the other terms and conditions outlined in the general agreement or contract between Student Housing Hunter and the client.

6.2 The No Cure No Pay policy may be subject to change or modification by Student Housing Hunter upon providing written notice to the client.

Please consult with us for specific details regarding the No Cure No Pay policy applicable to your particular situation. Please check our home page for our contact details.

Kindly note the General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all our services!